By working together, we can eliminate liner waste

Reducing waste is easier than ever with AD Circular. Sign up and we’ll collect your used label liners and ensure they’re recycled with the help of our trusted partners.



Just three steps

You can get started with AD Circular by following three simple steps:

1. Sign up online

Sign up for AD Circular by visiting the site and we’ll provide boxes for your old liners.


2. Plan a pickup

Once your boxes are full of liners, schedule a pickup time through the app.


3. See the results

Using the app, see how much waste you’ve recycled, the amount of CO2 emissions you’ve prevented and more.


Let our app do all the work

Recycling used liners is a breeze with the AD Circular web application, but the benefits don’t stop there. It also provides data in the form of

certificates that show how much you’ve recycled and reduced emissions, making it easier to meet your environmental targets.

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Good for the planet and your bottom line

The cost of AD Circular is probably close to what you currently pay for liner disposal, and once your location and other factors are considered, it might even save you money.

We’ve got you covered

With AD Circular, you don’t need to worry about paperwork and regulatory matters. We take care of everything and make sure you’re in full compliance with relevant policies.

Not our liner? No problem

You can recycle any liner through AD Circular – even ones we didn’t make. Our primary goal is moving closer to a circular economy by reducing waste, no matter its origins.


We’re committed to a circular economy

AD Circular is our latest contribution toward creating a circular economy, where nothing is wasted and everything is reused in a continuous

loop. This program is also one of the many ways we’re enhancing label and packaging recycling while improving how recycled materials are used.

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AD Circular - Avery Denniosn

Want to learn more?

AD Circular - Avery Dennison

Check out this informative brochure for a quick overview of AD Circular.

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AD Circular - Avery Dennison

Spend some time with our detailed technical guide to learn how the program works from start to finish.

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Get in touch

If you’d like to speak with one of our experts to learn what AD Circular can do for you, please get in touch and we’ll answer all of your questions.