• Wine labels that belong at the centre table

Elevate your wines, spirits and craft beers with premium designs and sustainable labels that tell your brand story. Tap into our material range to transform your packaging into physical touchpoints that connect with your consumers and make an unforgettable impression.


Packaging Design

Take advantage of our labelling expertise to create wine, spirits and craft beer labels that don’t look (or feel) like anything else on the shelf.


Give consumers another reason to feel good about their favourite vintage, with labels made from responsibly sourced facestocks and recycled materials.


Connect with your consumers, while proving the authenticity of every bottle, with interactive NFC inlays that increase brand protection.

The ice bucket challenge

Complete the premium look with paper facestocks that retain their design integrity, even after being immersed in water and ice for two hours.

M_use - Packaging Design Inspiration

Discover your online resource for design inspiration, industry insights and materials science — and make an informed decision about your next labelling project.

Video: Wine, Spirits + Craft Beer labels

Collaborate with us to create a label design that complements your beverage and improves the experience of your consumers.

Neuromarketing study

Want to know more about the influence of textured labels?

Uncover consumer reactions to a new sensory experience through our partnership with Santa Rita Estates winery and neuromarketing organization Mind Insights.

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison


Material Spotlight

Of the earth, by the earth, for the earth: New rCrush range of sustainable label facestock

We’re working with paper maker Favini, who have used organic waste from citrus, barley or grape to

create a range of Crush papers that are perfect for your next label.

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison

rCrush Grape

rCrush Barley

rCrush Citrus


Related Wine, Spirits & Craft Beer

Wine labels - Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison introduces three new papers made from 100% recycled fibers to expand its range of premium sustainable labels

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison

REUSE Sample Envelope

Eight designs from Dragon Rouge created with facestocks made from recycled fibers and residual materials of the wine, rum, beer, and citrus industries. Receive a free selection of these sustainable labels.

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison

The Graduate Collection

Premium textures for sustainable wine and spirit labels. Introducing a new line of uniquely textured papers from Avery Dennison and Gmund.

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison

M_use event

More than 40 designers, wineries and label printers joined the M_use team on July 3 for a series of insights into how creativity can be pushed to the limit – and how sustainability can be put centre stage.

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Spirits labels - Avery Dennison

M_use showcase

Gorgona wine is a social project that enhances the work of prisoners on the penitentiary island of Gorgona, a small and wonderful pearl of the Tuscan archipelago.

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Wine labels - Avery Dennison

M_use insights

What makes a wine label say ‘buy me’? On any wine bottle, the label acts as a mini shop window. The ultimate aim is to create a subtle “buy me” message, but there are many routes to success.

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