• We love what we do. That’s why you’ll love working with us.

We work closely with brands to create change, solve problems and achieve what has never been done. Our innovation is ignited by the unique problems you need to solve and the ambitious results you want to achieve.

We’re leading our industry to a sustainable future with a commitment to preserving and enriching where we all live and work. No matter the application––we’ll work with you to create intelligent and sustainable labels that protect, inform, decorate and engage.

Stan started it.

It all came together for the first time in a small room in Los Angeles in 1935, when Stan Avery, a clerk with an inventive mind and a dream of starting his own business, took the hundred dollars he borrowed from his wife and fashioned a machine that cut paper and coated it with adhesive, producing ready-to-go price tags merchants could more quickly affix to their products. With that ingenious marriage of paper and glue in the service of helping make businesses stronger, the world’s first self-adhesive label was born. Today, Avery Dennison employs more than 30,000 employees in over 50 countries. Reported sales in 2019 were $7.1 billion.

Always pioneering.

We are still our industry’s innovator. From our leading R&D facilities around the world to our factory floors, we are composed of remarkably skilled, smart people whose relentless curiosity is matched by a passion for solving customer problems. We possess deep knowledge of the characteristics and nuances of adhesive, paper and film. We understand how manipulating a material’s superpower can elevate the whole. We never tire of exploring all the ways materials behave together, all the ways they can be combined and tweaked and coaxed to do new things.

Our innovative impulse produces materials that improve packaging, perform in punishing conditions, save time and money, and reduce consumption of natural resources. Our innovations are born of customers’ needs. If we don’t have what they’re looking for, we often invent it—from scratch, or by coming at something that exists from a fresh angle.

Whatever your industry, whatever your application, and whatever design challenge you face, your next label—and labelling’s future—begins with Avery Dennison.

8 values. 1 team.