Helping Brothers Drinks save 448 tons of CO2 annually

Helping Brothers Drinks save 448 tons of CO2 annually


At Avery Dennison, our sustainability efforts focus not only on reducing our own environmental footprint, but also enabling businesses from across our supply chain to reduce their footprints as well. 

One way we do this is through AD Circular, our pioneering program which supports the recycling of used PET and glassine label liners in 12 countries throughout Europe. We collect used liners and work with trusted partners to recycle them and ultimately transform them into high-value items. In the process, we help partners contribute to creating a circular economy where nothing goes to waste.

One of our program partners is Brothers Drinks, a family-owned cider producer whose origins date back to the 17th century, and one of the world’s fastest-growing cider brands producing 140 million bottles annually. Thanks to AD Circular, they are also now the first UK cider brand to successfully recycle the PET backing from labels on a mass scale. We spoke with their team about the impact AD Circular has had on their sustainability initiatives and goals.

Why did you join AD Circular? What problems were you facing?

The PET material label backing we use for our bottles had no clear route to recycling, so this waste stream was only going to ‘energy from waste’, and at a significant cost. Avery Dennison collaborated with us to find the best recycling pathway and implement the AD Circular program. This was not straightforward, and there were additional hurdles that delayed the process at times, but they persisted and worked with us to make it happen. Avery Dennison then provided suitable containers for collection of the used liners, so we could be sure that there would be no issues in the transportation of the liners to recycling facilities.


Helping Brothers Drinks save 448 tons of CO2 annually

Labels which will be applied to bottles of Brothers cider

How did you hear about AD Circular, and what made you choose this program over other solutions?

We had connections within our supplier, MCC Labels, who introduced us to the team at Avery Dennison. As a leading producer of labeling materials, Avery Dennison was the perfect company for us to collaborate with to implement this ground-breaking program.

How has AD Circular contributed towards your sustainability goals and targets?

We have a zero to landfill policy across our whole company and all sites, and one of our company aims is to always strive to ensure waste is recycled, and preferably in a ‘closed loop’ system. While specific sustainability goals can be difficult to set in the current climate, since there are always more and more ways to improve, we try to be reactive to solutions that ‘come out of the woodwork.’

Prior to joining AD Circular, PET label liners were a significant part of our waste sector. We are proud to have been able to work with Avery Dennison to rectify this and be part of an innovative program which supports the values of the Brothers Drinks Co. brand.


Helping Brothers Drinks save 448 tons of CO2 annually

A collection box filled with used PET liners

What kind of results have you seen from using AD Circular?

There will be cost savings of course, and more importantly we have pioneered a clear route for recycling what would have otherwise gone to waste. In 2023 alone, we are projected to be able to recycle 164 tons of used liners and save 448 tons of CO2 emissions! It is still early days, but we are looking forward to working with Avery Dennison on this more as time goes on.

Did you feel adequately supported by the Avery Dennison team while implementing AD Circular?

AD clearly explained the process at the beginning, so we were completely in the know about all our options within the program. Aside from the natural teething issues you would get with the implementation of a program of this size, things have gone smoothly and we have established the best contacts within Avery Dennison and the hauliers to facilitate everything.


Helping Brothers Drinks save 448 tons of CO2 annually

Bottles of Brothers cider, whose label liners will now be recycled

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