• Durable labels for difficult surfaces

Labels with the most demanding applications often contain the most critical information. We offer a wide range of durable materials, and expert compliance support, to provide long-lasting label solutions that are highly resistant to water, humidity, and abrasion.


Our home appliance range offers permanent and removable labels

for product identification, compliance, safety warnings, and other critical information.

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Durable labels - Avery Dennison

Outdoor + Power Tools

For labels that have to stand up to the elements, our durable materials

are designed to perform through sun, wind, rain, and snow.

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Durable labels - Avery Dennison


From printed circuit board manufacturing to cable management, our electronics labels are specifically engineered for the job.

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Durable labels - Avery Dennison


Avery Dennison is committed to creating labeling solutions that enable sustainability. We’ve pioneered a wide range of materials that improve recyclability, enable reuse throughout production, and reduce

consumption of natural resources. Our experts work with you to design sustainable solutions that meet the needs of your application, business, and industry.

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Durable labels - Avery Dennison

Durable Goods Compliance

Our wide portfolio of durable materials are compliant with applicable standards and regulations and are pre-tested for fast approval by regulators and manufacturers.

Digital Printing

UV inkjet printing for industrial and technical applications in cooperation with Xeikon, Durst, and Domino.

Fixing durables supply

Durables labeling faces shortages and rising prices - and sustainability issues too. So how can these challenges be met?

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