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  • Food packaging solutions for conscious consumers

Your consumers want eco-friendly food packaging options that allow them to identify healthy choices and make smarter purchasing decisions. Our range of convenient and sustainable solutions are manufactured from a broad range of material combinations to be grabbed, held and carried. Create safe, clean and compliant packaging that showcases the origin stories — and matches the quality — of your food products.

Sustainable packaging

Protect the world around you with recycled

and responsibly sourced materials that meet the increasing demand for sustainability.

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 Food labels - Avery Dennison


Take advantage of food approved labelling solutions that meet government

regulations, no matter where they’re sold.

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Compliance food labels - Avery Dennison

Packaging design

Choose from our extensive range of materials, designs and finishes to create food-safe labels that exceed consumer expectations.

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 Food labels packaging design - Avery Dennison


Cut waste, ensure freshness and maintain quality with RFID labels that reassure consumers and optimize your supply chain.

Flexible packaging

Create food packaging that’s easy to open, handle, keep, reseal and dispose of while enhancing visual impact and increasing shelf life.

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Find the right solution for your product from our portfolio of design-friendly, connected and safe packaging materials.

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 Food labels - Avery Dennison

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