• Labeling solutions that enable sustainability

The world can’t afford to continue wasting materials. And neither can you. It’s time to think about products in a new way, beyond the point of use. We’re leveraging our legacy of innovation in labels and packaging to design sustainable solutions that are better for our planet. By looking to the future, we’re empowering consumer-focused brands to create lasting change, reduce their consumption of natural resources, and move towards a circular economy.

Sustainable future

In pursuit of a more sustainable future, our wide range of innovative labeling solutions are designed to reduce carbon emissions, cut waste, and advance

the circular economy.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

Linerless labels

Labels with liners aren’t disappearing right away—

but linerless labels are the future. We’re working towards developing a new linerless platform.

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Linerless - Avery Dennison

Unleash the power of less

The AD RDX™ product portfolio offers incredibly high-performing paper and film labels that use less natural

resources — creating less waste and significantly lowering your carbon footprint.

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RDX - Avery Dennison

The label for rigid packages, with recyclability built in.

Our next-generation AD CleanFlake™ Technology enables recycling of rigid plastic packaging and

helps to meet brand sustainability goals while simplifying operations, reducing costs, and filling orders faster —all with a single solution.

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CleanFlake - Avery Dennison

The growing demand for compostable packaging

As consumers look for more sustainable products, brands turn to packing that can return to nature. Learn more about our ‘OK compost’ certified labels.

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Compost - Avery Dennison

Embedding EcoDesign into every product

To support our customers and communities, we’re using EcoDesign principles to guide the development of every new product and help us make each one more sustainable.

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Sustainable labels - Avery Dennison

Style with substance

The rRange portfolio combines excellent print quality with impeccable eco-credentials. Learn how it can help

you reach sustainability targets.

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rRange - sustainability - Avery Dennison

Legislation driving sustainable packaging

On a global level, labels and packaging legislation is increasingly focused on sustainability. Your brand has to stay up-to-date and compliant to remain on the


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EU flags - sustainability - Avery Dennison

AD Circular

A comprehensive program providing recycling of used paper and filmic label liners in countries across


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AD Circular


Make the most of materials specifically developed to enable sustainability for the next generation of electric cars—and their lightweight components.

Beauty & Personal Care

Showcase your brand’s sustainability story on your health and hygiene products by choosing materials designed to enable recyclability.


Improve the recyclability of plastic and glass packaging with advanced adhesive technologies developed by our research and development experts.

Beverage case - sustainability - Avery Dennison


Utilise sustainable packaging materials to meet the ever-changing demands of your consumers and create safe, convenient packaging that fits their busy lifestyles.

Logistics & E-commerce

Eliminate waste and make sustainable shipment packaging that’s better for the environment with our sustainable and durable materials.

Sustainable packaging pharma - Avery Dennison


Satisfy consumer demand with independently-tested and sustainable packaging made of recycled or responsibly sourced materials.

Wine, Spirits & Craft beer

Design premium and sustainable labels worthy of any celebration with natural, organic and recycled materials that do justice to your brand.


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Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) today announced it has acquired the linerless label technology developed by Catchpoint Ltd, a UK company based in Yorkshire, England.

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Rethinking labels: Learn how labels can help you meet the demands of a retail environment reshaped.

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When considering how to respond to the changes in EPR, eco-design is a logical way to future-proof your business.

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Zero Waste Beauty: the new inspiration envelope with 7 EcoDesign examples for beauty brands and a more beautiful planet.

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Reuse and Return - Avery Dennison

Sweden is famous for their approach to environmental issues. Discover how Avery Dennison’s materials are helping Svenska Retursystem in delivering more sustainability in the supply chain for retailers across Europe.

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Regenerative Retail Report - Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison partners with The Future Laboratory to release a new report: Regenerative Retail Economy. New foresight report calls on business to go beyond sustainability towards regenerative retail.

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Film materials - Avery Dennison

Our films portfolio has been approved for colored HDPE recycling by RecyClass. Learn how it can help improve the quality of the recycling stream while benefiting label producers and brand owners.

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Sustainable labels - Avery Dennison

Get the answers to your questions about recycling, sustainability and other important topics in this extensive FAQ.

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Sustainable labels - Avery Dennison

What’s the difference between recycled content and recycled material? Do you know what separates biodegradable packaging from compostable? Explore our Sustainability Glossary and get up to speed with the latest terms and information.

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Sustainable labels - Avery Dennison

Designed to disappear

We’ve expanded our range of compostable labels. Learn how they can help you meet sustainability targets and appeal to consumers who care about the Earth.

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Sustainable labels - Avery Dennison

Protect flavor – and the recycling stream

Made without PVDC, our new open-and-close labels enable recycling while preserving freshness and flavor.

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Zero Waste - Avery Dennison

Report: Avery Dennison partners

with The Future Laboratory to provide global action plan for a zero-waste future.

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rPP - Avery Dennison

With rPP labels, old is new again

When it comes to recycled materials, success is in the mix.

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rPP - Avery Dennison

rPP - new polypropylene labels

made from up to 99% post-consumer recyclate.

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Direct thermal paper labels

rDT - the first recycled direct thermal paper label on the market

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The beauty of transparency - Avery Dennison

Behind the label:

The beauty of transparency is more than skin deep

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 transparency food and drink packaging

Why transparency is a clear winner for food and drink packaging

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The Future of Packaging Report - Avery Dennison

The Future of Packaging Report

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Coming Clean - Avery Dennison

Introducing the new inspiration envelope, “Coming Clean: Sustainable labels for bold food brands”.

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Leyla Acaroglu - Sustainability - Avery Dennison

Designing for a non-disposable future, an interview with Leyla Acaroglu

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Does limited-lifespan packaging

have a future?

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The future of composting -

thought leadership

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Jan't Hart - Avery Dennison

The right labels keep the “mono”

in monomaterials flexible packaging

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