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It’s no wonder digital printing technology is growing rapidly. Printing labels digitally helps improve differentiation and sustainability while increasing efficiency in production and across the supply chain. Digital labels enable fresher, more relevant communication with consumers via quick changeovers and variable information (VI) printing. Printing on demand also dramatically reduces the costs associated with inventory and revisions.

We’re at the forefront of the evolution of digital printing, with solutions designed for both electrocardiography and inkjet technologies. We thoroughly test our materials on an array of digital printers and can work closely with you to successfully implement your digital printing solutions.



Materials for printing with HP Indigo

Printing labels with HP Indigo technology requires adding a topcoat to your materials. But priming the materials can be challenging for converters, especially in the case of special finishes and textures. Pre-priming materials is the best way to ensure topcoat uniformity and color accuracy. We offer more than 150 pre-primed facestocks for printing with HP Indigo, ensuring uniform application, higher color accuracy and optimal performance for everything from wine and spirits to reclosures.

Materials for water-based inkjet printing

For many businesses, printing labels on a water-based inkjet printer can be a smart move. Labels can be printed on demand, in shorter runs, with a relatively low capital investment. The key to consistently great-looking labels is to use materials already optimized for the water-based inkjet process. Our comprehensive portfolio offers pre-optimized, quick-drying materials with consistently high print quality that are qualified for both dye- and pigment-based inks. 

Materials for UV inkjet printing

With inkjet printing, labels can be created on demand. Popular with the beverage industry, this technology has many benefits, including automated color management, short turnaround times and easier cleanup. Though inkjet presses require versatile, high-performance materials, they offer excellent print quality and ink adhesion. The resulting product can benefit from superior resistance to water, abrasion and fading, ensuring your labels remain durable even in challenging conditions. 

Materials for dry toner printing

Versatile dry toner digital presses can print high-quality images on many label materials, though they must be selected carefully because of fusing temperatures. Products in our dry toner portfolio are pre-qualified for Xeikon and Konica Minolta machines and we also have films for printing with presses that use Xeikon ICE toner. Matt finishes are no problem with Matt PP, and our wine papers are ideal for printing with sharp, uniform edges.


Having difficulties finding the right material for your digital printing machine? The Digital Material Finder

provides recommendations for the best label constructions for the technology you're using, whether it’s inkjet or toner.

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Digital Printing - Avery Dennison

Water-based Inkjet printing

Quickly create quality labels on-demand with water-based inkjet printing

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Digital Printing - Avery Dennison

HP Indigo

Pre-primed materials in our HP Indigo portfolio ensure optimal performance

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UV Inkjet - Avery Dennison

UV Inkjet printing

With UV inkjet printing, labels stay strong under intense conditions

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Dry Toner Printing - Avery Dennison

Dry toner printing

Versatile dry toner printing works with a variety of label materials

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