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For certain label applications, only the printability and performance of paper will do. Paper gives you more options for embellishments, a choice of finishes and a selection of textures that can add dimension to your brand story. Paper labels can also be a sustainable choice and purchased at a cost that fits most budgets.

We offer the most comprehensive selection of paper materials available. Each one is chosen specifically for its superb performance in demanding industries, including logistics, food and beverage, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and home and personal care. We’re constantly pushing the limits of what can be done with paper and adhesives to solve packaging challenges and make labels work harder.



Papers for every purpose

We’ve designed paper facestocks for most common applications (and some uncommon ones), including:

Variable information (VI) printing. We offer a wide range of paper products that let you print variable information labels on-site, confident that they will meet your performance demands in harsh environments.

Premium decoration. With our premium decorative papers’ rich selection of colors, textures and coatings, you can create beautiful packaging that demands to be touched, read and taken home, whether you’re printing premium labels digitally or through conventional offset methods.

Digital printing. Printing labels digitally can improve differentiation, sustainability and efficiency in production and across the supply chain. We’re at the forefront of digital printing’s evolution, with solutions designed for both electrophotography and inkjet technologies. We thoroughly test our materials on an array of digital printers and work closely with you to successfully print and apply your label materials.

Security applications. Protect your brand, products and consumers from counterfeiting, tampering and product diversion with our security paper range and performance adhesives. These materials can be transformed into tamper-evident labels that you can equip with invisible layers of security features for a safe and reliable customer experience.

Uniquely textured. Combining classic good looks and sustainability, products in the Graduate Collection – made in partnership with paper mill Gmund – contain 50% post-consumer waste and provide elegant solutions for the wine and spirits sector. The wood-free papers are suitable for decorative embossing and offer excellent print quality in offset and UV Flexo printing.

Papers that advance circularity

Our sustainable paper range makes it easy to reduce your packaging’s environmental impact without sacrificing quality, performance or affordability. Learn more on our sustainable labels page.

AD Circular - A comprehensive program providing recycling of used paper and filmic label liners in countries across Europe.

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AD Circular



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Our paper wash-off labels are designed to make packaging more recyclable and reusable by allowing clean removal from packaging in low-temperature plain water without chemicals.

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