Helping Modulpac recycle and reduce waste with AD Circular

Helping Modulpac recycle and reduce waste with AD Circular


As part of our efforts to contribute to a circular economy where nothing goes to waste, we focus not only on increasing recycling within our own operations, but also on enabling our supply chain partners to bolster their own recycling efforts. 

An important way we do this is with our pioneering AD Circular program, through which we support the recycling of used PET and glassine label liners in countries across Europe. AD Circular streamlines recycling for converters and brands by providing a one-stop solution; we collect used liners and work with trusted partners to recycle and transform them into valuable materials for new applications.

One of our program partners is Modulpac AB, a Swedish company specialized in the manufacture of plastic closures and packaging for some of Europe and the Nordic countries' largest brands. We spoke with their Purchase Manager, Martijn ter Harkel, about the impact AD Circular has had on their sustainability initiatives and goals.

What is your company’s long-term vision for sustainability?

We want to design our products in a way that enables them to be recycled. We also want to use recycled plastics in our products where we can. For example, through our Closure to ClosureTM project, we use recycled closures to make new ones. 

Keeping ourselves updated in new ways of working with sustainability, choosing a strategy that we believe in, and educating our staff and customers around sustainability are also important for us.

Helping Modulpac recycle and reduce waste with AD Circular

Typical Modulpac plastic closures on jars of spices

How does AD Circular support Modulpac’s sustainability strategy?

We have different sustainability goals to achieve; they include lowering our combustible waste and recycling as often as possible. By recycling our used glassine label liners through AD Circular, we will reduce our combustible waste by approximately 28 tons a year and enable our used liners to be turned into valuable new materials.

Why did you join AD Circular?

We got in touch with Avery Dennison through our supplier. During a visit at our site, the Avery Dennison team saw the large volumes of used label liners we were throwing away. Due to the label construction, these materials cannot be directly recycled by others, but the Avery Dennison team informed us about how we could recycle them through AD Circular and make sure they don’t end up incinerated or in a landfill.

Helping Modulpac recycle and reduce waste with AD Circular

A box filled with Modulpac’s used liners, which will now be recycled

What measurable results have you seen so far?

We will recycle at least 28 tons per year of material that otherwise would end up as combustible waste. This will result in an annual CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 52 tons.

Have you experienced any additional benefits from AD Circular?

We have also seen positive changes in our working environment. Previously, our colleagues had to place used label liners in a plastic bag and carry it to a disposal container. This resulted in a lot of extra work in production and the bags were very heavy for our colleagues to carry. Now they can put the used liners directly into the AD Circular collection boxes after they come off the machine. This has resulted in a smoother handling of our waste - and very positive feedback from our colleagues!

Helping Modulpac recycle and reduce waste with AD Circular

Modulpac team members disposing of used liners

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