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Whether you represent a major conglomerate or a small business, compliance matters. At Avery Dennison, we’re familiar with regulatory standards and agencies around the world, and have probably completed the process you’re facing many times. If you want to streamline the labeling portion of your journey, save time and increase the likelihood of approval, we can help.



Making compliance a priority 

Compliance means adhering to various laws, guidelines and specifications as part of doing business. Failing to comply with regulatory requirements can result in serious setbacks, but we are here to assist.

Our compliance team does the hard work for you. Every day, they help establish and adopt policies, processes, procedures and working methods to ensure our products comply with various standards. They also create measures to detect and prevent non-compliance while working with our R&D and innovation departments on the selection of safe, sustainable materials. 

Their dedication means you can trust that our products comply with relevant regulations. You’ll also be free from the burden of trying to keep current with every law and update, allowing you to focus on your business.

Get up to speed with some of the most important policies now:

Compliance - Avery Dennison

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

Falsified Medicine Directive

Waste from Electrical and Electronic equipment

Compliance - Avery Dennison


ISO 10993 - part 5

FDA 175.105 



The Avery Dennison Complete Compliance Service

Regulations can change quickly, but the Avery Dennison Complete Compliance Service ensures that you don’t have to navigate the legal complexities on your own.

In moments, you can create compliance statements for specific products that will help with your documentation needs. They make it easier to confirm that you’re following relevant regulations, whether you’re focused on EU food contact policy or pharmaceutical compliance labels.

Approaching chemicals with care

Avery Dennison is careful when it comes to chemicals, particularly substances of very high concern (SVHC). By focusing on green chemistry – an approach centered on not using substances considered problematic – we prevent potential compliance issues before they start. Our restricted substances list is regularly updated as well, and we avoid using things that may be banned or restricted in the future.

Do you have questions about compliance packaging and what it means for you? Please contact your Avery Dennison sales representative for more information.


Compliance - Avery Dennison

REACH focuses on the potential impact of chemicals on people and the environment.

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Compliance - Avery Dennison

RoHS limits the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

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EFSA - Avery Dennison

EFSA evaluates the safety of materials and articles that can come into contact with food.

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Make every bite compliant

Whether you’re selling candy, frozen meals or snacks to enjoy on the go, compliance

plays an important role in food packaging.

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Compliance - Avery Dennison

Discover how compliance impacts your industry 


Chemical strategy

The Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, explained

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