We’re a global team of service-obsessed, relentlessly curious inventors, engineers, and material makers. We have a pioneering tradition of science-based innovation and corporate citizenship. Our label solutions help customers worldwide sell products, increase efficiencies and be more sustainable.

Innovation #BuiltonBreakthroughs

In 1935, we invented the first self-adhesive label, and we’ve never looked back.

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At Avery Dennison, sustainability isn’t just something we do—it is, increasingly, how we do everything.

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Now live: your new online resource for design inspiration, industry insights and materials science.

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Sustainable Today

Don’t settle for someday.

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Future of Packaging Report 2018

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Trend Forecasting

48% of consumers feel like they don’t know enough about a product despite reading the label. Combining blockchain with RFID creates true and accurate transparency.

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Helping you to Pioneer Change

See our latest Select Solutions™ catalogue

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