• How to choose labels for paper packaging and cardboard packaging




Your choice of labeling is essential when
considering sustainable paper, cardboard
and fiber-based packaging for logistics,
e-commerce and consumer goods.

Choosing the correct label in order to comply with upcoming regulations becomes complex when harmonized guidelines and test protocols are still in the process of being developed. Our sustainability experts understand this challenge and can help.

For guidance on how to choose compliant pressure-sensitive labels for paper, cardboard or other fiber-based packaging, this page highlights solutions that enable recycling and reuse, reduce material consumption and advance the circular economy to help your business lower its environmental impact. 


What is paper packaging and cardboard packaging?

Paper fibers are the basis for a wide range of packaging materials, with paper and fiber-based packaging often used in the retail and food sectors as a lightweight container solution for in-store distribution of consumer goods. In the logistics and e-commerce industries, cardboard packaging is most commonly used for transport and storage due to its strength and durability. Packaging made from paper fibers are widely used due to their versatility. With a renewable, biobased source, a high recycling rate (82% in Europe.*) and the ability to biodegrade, they are a sustainable choice for various packaging materials.

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*EPRC Monitoring Report 2022



How to choose labels for circular design throughout a package’s lifetime


During life

Labels need to remain attached and legible for the duration of a product’s life. Conditions and duration vary from one application to the next and determine a label’s specific performance requirements. Factors to consider include the end use for the packaging; temperature and moisture level; product lifetime; food contact; printing technology; and aesthetics and branding.


End of life

To help reduce the environmental impact of packaging and comply with design for recycling guidelines, labels must be designed with circularity in mind. This can be achieved by using EcoDesign principles to create labels that enable recycling and reuse, incorporate recycled content, reduce resource consumption, and are sourced responsibly.




Sustainable solutions we offer for paper, cardboard and fiber-based packaging

Here we outline how to choose the right label for your paper, cardboard and fiber-based packaging, based on your sustainability goals. Recognizing that sustainability starts at the source, we make it a priority to source our materials responsibly, as reflected in our FSC and TUV certifications.


Sustainability Goal:<br><span style="font-size: 25px; color: black;">Reduce carbon footprint</span>
Sustainability Goal:
Reduce carbon footprint
Label specifications
AD solution
material use
Labels made with less natural resources, such as trees and/or water*
Avery Dennison Carbon Footprinting Tool reports
Labels made with materials from post-consumer or post-industrial waste streams or with bio-circular content*
Avery Dennison Carbon Footprinting Tool reports
Labels that can be easily and cleanly removed from packaging
Removable labels

* These factors, as well as weight, country of origin, and more, influence extended producer responsibility (EPR) fees. Check your local guidelines for details.


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