• The future is linerless

We invented the pressure-sensitive label. Now we’re making it linerless.

For nearly a century, pressure-sensitive labels have proven themselves many times over as an effective, economical, and versatile solution. As an element of modern packaging, they are indispensable. Yet 50% of a pressure-sensitive label—its release liner and matrix —immediately becomes waste material upon application. We’re applying our global capacity for innovation to help lead the packaging industry—and the many segments it serves—toward a linerless future.



Why we’re so passionate about linerless

Label waste—the liner and matrix leftover after labels are applied—has been a challenge for the labeling industry for decades. Each year, millions of tons of label waste are sent to landfills and incinerators. Recycling programs like AD Circular and industry efforts like CELAB can reduce label waste. But the best solution—for our industry and for the planet—is to eliminate liners altogether. 

We’re also developing our linerless platform as a way to meet our own sustainability goals. Those include our commitments to reduce GHG emissions, including our pledge to reduce the emissions in our supply chain by 30% compared to our 2018 baseline. We aspire to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050. Eliminating label liners will allow us to avoid consumption of materials, fossil fuels, energy, and reduce related carbon emissions in our own operations and in our supply chain.

Direct Thermal Linerless for variable-information labels: coming soon

At Avery Dennison, we’re developing a new product platform to address the longstanding challenge of label waste. Direct Thermal linerless will offer variable information (or “VI”) labels for multiple applications, including weigh-scale, quick service restaurants (QSR) and logistics/e-commerce. By eliminating the liner, our self-wound rolls of direct thermal labels will deliver up to 60% more labels per roll, resulting in fewer roll changes, faster operations, and more efficient storage and transportation—along with the avoided waste materials and associated warehouse hazards. 

Labels “born linerless”

Our ultimate goal is to offer a label option that is linerless from the moment we make it. We are experimenting with different technologies to make this possible, and taking an incremental approach to developing linerless decorative labels that will put solutions in the hands of converters and brands, as soon as possible.

How we’re helping converters and brands

Labels with liners aren’t disappearing right away—but linerless labels are the future. Making the transition will be a journey for converters and brands—and for us, too. 

We’re here to help. We will continue to offer standard labels with liners. And by providing inexpensive conversion kits and technical assistance to converters, and by supplying dispensing equipment and expertise to brands, we’ll help all of our customers and end-users make the switch over time to more efficient, less wasteful linerless labels. 

Linerless labels - Avery Dennison

If you’d like to speak with one of our experts to learn more about our linerless solutions, please get in touch and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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Linerless labels - Avery Dennison

About the Catchpoint acquisition

Our acquisition of Catchpoint’s IP for linerless labeling , will help accelerate our strategic roadmap for linerless labeling technologies.

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Recycle your used label liners now with our AD Circular program — our latest contribution toward the establishment of a circular economy.

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Linerless labels - Avery Dennison