• Tested, proven, compliant label materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Labelling materials for today and tomorrow: that’s our promise. At Avery Dennison, we’re looking toward the future to ensure we have the solutions pharmaceutical industry brands need at every step, from designing smart medical packaging to new sustainable or security packaging innovations.

We help pharmaceutical industry manufacturers meet compliance and performance requirements, with a customer-ready portfolio and a team of experts ready to find solutions to any challenge. Ewa Weglinska, Business Development Manager Healthcare + Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison

Patient Safety

With decades of experience in providing security labelling designed for patient care,

and following GMP guidelines, we offer a wide portfolio of products that keep patients safe and protect your brand.

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Patient Safety - Avery Dennison


To ensure your pharmaceutical packaging is compliant with all rules and regulations,

our R&D teams, global testing facilities and compliance experts are at your full disposal.

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Compliance pharma - Avery Dennison

RFID Labels

In pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals, intelligent medical packaging with RFID labels can help itemize and sort stock to ensure quality, prevent waste, and ensure patient safety.

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RFID label pharma - Avery Dennison


As consumers have demanded sustainable pharmaceutical packaging, we have expanded our portfolio to include solutions that are made of responsibly sourced materials.

Our Products

Our labelling products are designed to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical brands, with solutions for every application - from pre-filled syringes to blood bags.

Pharmaceutical packaging solutions

As a global leader in medical labelling, we have developed a pharmaceutical portfolio designed to meet the demands of the industry.

Tested, proven, compliant label materials for the pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmaceutical Labels brochure

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