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Embedding EcoDesign into every product

The future depends on what we do today. To support our customers and communities, we’re using EcoDesign principles to guide the development of every new product and help us make each one more sustainable. Though it requires intense effort and research, we believe this process has benefits that we’ll experience for years to come.

Defining EcoDesign 

At Avery Dennison, we’ve adopted a holistic EcoDesign methodology. Using this approach, we carefully consider the environmental impact of new products throughout their entire lifecycle – from conception to design – and how they will be used and treated once discarded. When it’s time for an update, we ensure each successive generation of a product is more sustainable than the last.

However, EcoDesign is not exclusive to Avery Dennison – and that’s a good thing. By encouraging our customers to embrace it as well, we help them experience the advantages it offers, from a smaller carbon footprint to achieving compliance with new regulations.


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Unlocking a circular economy for plastic packaging

Explore this infographic and learn how EcoDesign can be used to create products with the power to enable a circular economy for plastics.

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Ecodesign - Avery Dennison



A solution for every need and product


Enabling recycling is an important aspect of EcoDesign. By turning something old into something new, we keep waste out of incinerators and landfills. Our solutions take many forms and include labels that separate cleanly from plastic bottles and monomaterial packaging that’s easier to break down.


Ecodesign - Avery Dennison


Labels that make sustainability possible

Learn about our sustainable labeling solutions in this guide and discover how we can help you answer consumer demand and achieve your environmental goals.


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Say goodbye to waste

By eliminating waste at every step of the design process, we can create products that are reused and recycled in an endless loop.

Want to know more? Read Zero Waste Futures, a report that envisions a world where EcoDesign principles ensure nothing ends up as trash.

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Ecodesign - Avery Dennison