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  • A solution for every application: that’s our promise

    Automotive labels

With the latest automotive safety trends in mind, we offer a full suite of labelling solutions for every application—from compliant under-the-hood label materials to heat-seal seatbelt labels. As a global leader in automotive and transportation labelling, we’re looking toward the future to ensure you have the solutions you need today and tomorrow.



‘As demand for intelligent labels, sustainability, functional and compliant labels increase, having a labelling partner you can rely on will be more important than ever.' Yevgeniya Manakova, Business Development Manager Automotive Avery Dennison


Global brands need labels that are compliant wherever they’re used. Our team of compliance

experts can help you make it happen.

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RFID, Traceability & Connectivity

For today’s fast-paced auto industry, durable RFID labels can meet the demands and rigors of manufacturing and long-term use.

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As demand for electric vehicles increases, so do our efforts in creating sustainable automotive labelling materials.

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Standard Automotive Portfolio

We offer the widest range of adhesive technologies covering virtually every application.

Custom Solutions

With abundant R&D and testing facilities, our label materials can be tailor made to your application from tyres to EV batteries.

Automotive Labelling

Our vehicle and car labels are made for use in the toughest conditions on interiors, exteriors, and in engine compartments— even on tyres.

A solution for every application: that’s our promise.

Designed to not only endure heat and tough weather conditions, our label materials also withstand contact with the harsh chemicals. Throughout manufacturing and the supply chain, our RFID solutions enable asset tracking creating a new level of efficiency. And to prepare for the future - our team of r&d experts

developed ultra lightweight materials and a unique EV battery label portfolio to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

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