New high-performing label solutions for auto parts and other durable goods

New high-performing labels solutions

Labels play a significant role in the automotive industry by delivering critical safety information to both vehicle owners and technicians. It is therefore crucial that all automotive labels, spanning multiple, often challenging substrates, are able to withstand the extreme conditions experienced by vehicle components, such as high temperatures, vibration, and corrosion, and remain legible throughout a vehicle’s lifetime. 

However, the technologies currently available for these applications are limited and only work within a narrow application window (e.g. ink transfer by heat and direct silk screen printing). Manufacturers of automotive interior and safety components have therefore been limited in their choice of products and forced to use non-standard, high price suppliers. Meanwhile, label producers (also known as converters) have been left out of the value chain entirely, as there has been no pressure sensitive label solution available that fulfills the technical requirement of permanent bonding.

To fill this gap in the market, we’ve launched three cutting edge solutions for safety, identification, and tracking labels for durable goods ranging from carpets, seat belts, and sun visors to hospital mattresses and inflatable boats. TRANSFER PET Label Stock, TRANSFER PET125 Label Stock, and PET25 MATT WH OPQ Label Stock provide irreversible adhesion to challenging substrates such as PVC and textiles, thanks to our new heat-activated adhesive S8073, and high resistance to chemicals, temperature cycling, and wear and tear. All three enable printing onto stock labels instead of finished products.

Compared to alternatives currently on the market, these products offer numerous benefits to converters and manufacturers.

Easy, affordable production and application

These products enable printing and conversion with standard equipment, rather than expensive specialty machinery and tools. They also help save up to 60% on application time compared to sewing labels and application requires no special skills, just low-cost heat press equipment. Moreover, the labels can be thermal transfer printed prior to application onto the substrate and are repositionable before heat activation. 

Improved technical performance

Because adhesive S8073 offers irreversible adhesion via structural bond, these products offer improved technical performance compared to currently available materials. Furthermore, they achieve high resistance to chemicals, extreme temperature cycling, and daily wear and tear for the entire label and help labels remain legible for the vehicle’s lifetime. 

Better appearance and design flexibility

Compared to direct printing, stock labels offer improved visual appearance and readability. They also allow for the use of an endless number of printable colors and personalization possibilities. We can coat our own adhesive, so users can mix and match with nearly any choice of facestock suitable for heat activated applications. We also offer facestocks with 30 to 70% recycled content, enabling users to create more sustainable labels.

New heat activated labels for durable goods

Product code

Product name




Label stock with irreversible adhesion to challenging substrates



Thicker label stock with irreversible adhesion to challenging substrates, especially suitable for larger labels and floor mats



Label stock with irreversible adhesion to challenging substrates, especially suitable for sun visors

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The full overview of our available solutions can be found in our updated Automotive Product Guide