Trends from The Battery Show Europe

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We recently attended The Battery Show Europe in Germany, where we met with manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, thought leaders, and decision-makers to learn more about electric vehicle (EV) battery development and design innovations. Read on to learn more about industry trends we observed during the show, as well as the role that labeling solutions can play in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

Pressure for cost reduction

Since most average income families cannot currently afford fully electric vehicles, there is considerable pressure to find ways to reduce costs via technological developments, improved supply chain efficiency, and more. Intelligent labels using RFID technology, like those offered by Avery Dennison, could help make supply chains more efficient and thereby drive down costs by supporting more effective time and inventory management, reduced downtime, and non-stop manufacturing processes.

The need for solutions to enhance sustainability and recyclability 

Pushed by regulations, OEMs and EV battery producers expect to prioritize recyclability in the next two to three years. Initial market feedback suggests that few technologies are currently available (none at scale) and that customers (OEMs and EVBs) are ready to pay a premium. In particular, there is demand for technologies that enable connectivity of battery packs and modules and thereby improve traceability and sustainability. 

Intelligent labels support the tagging of battery cells and the creation of digital passports (expected to become the industry norm within one to three years). Our digital ID technologies enable digital passports that support transparent and more efficient production as well as the safe disposal and repurposing of used battery cells. 

The race to develop new technologies

Two key areas of technological development are efforts to improve safety by protecting against thermal runaway and efforts to increase energy density, and thereby range. Adhesives can help enhance performance in both these areas. For example, functional adhesives that are flame retardant help prevent cells from catching on fire. Meanwhile, adhesives can help increase energy density by enabling space-saving Cell-To-Pack applications, though they will need to offer semi-structural bond and higher adhesion and dynamic shear than currently available solutions.

Also, even though lithium-based batteries are expected to continue to lead for the next few years, efforts are underway to develop entirely new technologies. These include solid state batteries, which use solid ceramic material instead of liquid electrolytes to carry electric current, making the batteries lighter, faster to charge, and eventually cheaper. At Avery Dennison, we are constantly innovating to accommodate new developments in the EV battery space and looking to collaborate with technology leaders to expand our offerings.

The battery show

Collaboration for acceleration

EV batteries have come a long way in recent years, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve step changes with regards to innovation and sustainability. To develop the technologies and pricing needed to support mainstream adoption of EVs, suppliers like Avery Dennison, engineering teams at OEMs and EVBs, startups, and other innovators need to collaborate more closely than ever before. We are already working with other stakeholders through our involvement in the European Battery Alliance, a network aimed at accelerating the creation of a sustainable EV battery manufacturing value chain in Europe.


The need for EVs is growing increasingly urgent and the market is evolving rapidly. Events like The Battery Show are invaluable for getting the inspiration and developing the relationships necessary to keep making progress. We hope to see you there next year!


Want to learn more?

For more information on how labeling materials can support the adoption of EV batteries, have a look at Avery Dennison's label and RFID solutions for electric vehicle batteries, our intelligent labeling brochure, our Automotive Label Materials product guide, or contact your Avery Dennison representative.