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    Micromobility labels

As the world shifts its focus to climate-friendly modes of transportation, there is no denying that the micromobility market is poised for growth. Luckily we’re already one step ahead. We offer the widest selection of compliant solutions for e-scooters, bikes, and other single-person, battery-powered modes of transportation. Our label materials will keep your operations rolling in the right direction, from branding to identification to intelligent labels.



For cities on the move

Labels that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and challenging substrates are essential for micromobility vehicles. Using rubber hybridized adhesive technology (RHA), our solutions go beyond conventional acrylic adhesive to offer superior quality and greater resistance to weathering and chemicals. 

On top of that, we provide labeling solutions for warnings, branding, and identification that feature anti-chip, anti-scratch, and UV-resistance materials. Discover the widest variety of micromobility solutions that comply with your unique needs.  

Data-driven decisions with RFID

RFID-enabled labeling solutions simplify micromobility tracking, asset management, and collection. By combining intelligent labels with conventional materials, you unlock the power of even greater functionality. Put technology at the center of your labels for richer insights that result in a better user experience and improved product design.

Stay ahead of changing regulations

The micromobility market is evolving every day, which means it can be difficult staying up to date on the newest regulations. Our compliance team stays in the know to ensure you’re not in the dark on the latest industry standards. Have a question about materials or specifications? Our technical teams are available to consult one-on-one about your specific labeling requirements.


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