• Sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive

Globally, governments are raising their fuel efficiency and emissions standards, pushing manufacturers to explore new lightweight materials for production. We offer a range of sustainable labelling materials for automotive applications to help you meet your sustainability goals.



Application on lightweight materials

For lightweight parts, we offer high performing materials to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Sustainable ingredients

Post-consumer waste facestock, FSC-certified liners, high performing adhesives, less in volume and durable materials

Innovative solutions

Our research and development teams create solutions to the challenges of the future. As your partner in sustainable labelling, we work with you to create a solution for every application including labelling for electric car components, tyre recycling programs, and lightweighting automotive initiatives.

Sustainability related

Automotive labelling

Our vehicle and car labels are made for use in the toughest conditions on interiors, exteriors, and in engine compartments— even on tyres.


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