New Paper Label Adhesives Expand the Wash-Off Portfolio for Sustainable Packaging

 Avery Dennison paper wash-off labels can be easily removed with water to provide more opportunities for packaging recycling and reuse.

Sustainability is a core driver of research and development at Avery Dennison, and we’re proud to offer three NPEO-free adhesives in our line of paper wash-off solutions that support a new generation of eco-friendly options for plastic and glass packaging. 

The three permanent wash-off adhesives (products WX6030, WW2031 and WW4031) provide paper labeling solutions that remove cleanly from different ranges of packaging surfaces. 

WX6030 is a paper wash-off adhesive for use on plastic HDPE crates, beer kegs, plastic packaging, and steel surfaces. It is a strong option for reusable crate pooling programs, such as IFCO and Euro Pool System. This solution has the ability to wash off in low temperatures with no additives, helps extend the crate lifespan, and is a more functional solution compared to permanent labels. 

WW2031 is an adhesive for use on glass bottles and jars containing food, wine, and other beverages. The ability to wash off labels at low temperatures with no additives enables better recycling separation as well as at-home repurposing by consumers. 

Finally, WW4031 is our solution for premium papers used for labeling glass bottles for wine and spirits. It is a high-tack adhesive that can be easily washed off in a hot alkaline solution. It is a strong option for returnable glass bottle programs.


Low temperature wash-off 

WX6030 and WW2031 adhesives have been designed specifically to simplify the washing process. They enable a clean removal of labels in water that is a minimum of 21°C and optimal at 60°C, and do not require any additives for removal. This helps lower the energy usage and chemical waste in reuse and recycle programs. 

These adhesive solutions reflect a growing market demand for more sustainable labeling solutions. 


Key facts about Avery Dennison’s wash-off adhesives

  • Wash-off adhesives, in combination with a paper facestock, allow for clean removal from a wide range of surfaces  

  • NPEO-free and complaint with EU Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, EU Plastics Regulation (EU) No 2023/2006, and EU GMP Regulations (Eu) No 10/2011

  • Labels with WW4031 are designed for returnable wine and spirit glass bottles, washing off in an alkaline solution at 80°C

  • Labels with WX6030 and WW2031 adhesives: 

    • Require no chemical additives for label removal in the wash-off process 

    • Wash off in water that is minimum 21°C, optimal at 60°C

    • WX6030 and selected products are qualified with Euro Pool Systems, Infinitum, Returpack and IFCO.

Recognized for global packaging innovation

Avery Dennison is committed to providing sustainable labeling solutions across industries and applications. Most recently, we were awarded as one of the 10 finalists at the 31st edition of the De Gouden Noot contest for our sustainable paper wash-off labeling solutions that facilitate recycling by reducing both energy consumption and the use of chemical additives in the packaging-washing process. De Gouden Noot is the world’s most competitive contest that stimulates innovation in the packaging industry.

 Mutlu Cavusoglu, our Director R&D HVS LPM, and Belin Eskinazi, our Product Manager for Opportunistic Solutions HVS LPM Europe, accepted the award on behalf of Avery Dennison during the award ceremony held in Amsterdam on October 6th, 2022. 

An expanding portfolio of sustainable labels

Our portfolio of wash-off adhesives are designed to make packaging more recyclable and reusable.  Along with the above-mentioned solutions for paper labeling, the wash-off portfolio offers a variety of options for filmic labels, including our CleanFlake™ technology which adheres to PET packaging through its lifecycle and is then subsequently deactivated during the sink/float recycling process to cleanly separate facestock, ink and adhesive from the PET flakes. 

To learn more about Avery Dennison’s wash-off label portfolio, connect with our Solutions Manager, Honoré Greff