• Designed to be (re)used

Create convenient experiences for your consumers with premium packaging solutions that match the quality of your dry, fresh or frozen foods. Benefit from our global experience with functional, durable, industry-compliant packaging that’s tailored to your product — and the way your customers use it.



Open. Close. Repeat.

Prevent contamination and spillage with oxygen barrier reclosure label options that keep your food products fresh throughout their lifecycle — while keeping your brand front of mind.

Make it fit for purpose

Design modern packaging solutions for on-the-go convenience and single-use portions with our portfolio of film-faced and paper-faced flexible packaging and pouch materials.

Ready for recycling

Open-and-close packaging keeps everything from meats to herbs tasting great for longer, thanks to the properties of our special label materials. However, the presence of PVDC (polyvinylidene dichloride), which ensures an excellent oxygen barrier, has made it difficult to recycle. The newest addition to our portfolio is made without PVDC though, which protects the recycling stream and puts you one step closer to circularity.


Good for food, great for recycling

Check out our new open-and-close labels. Made without PVDC, they keep oxygen away from food while protecting the recycling stream.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

The right labels keep the “mono” in monomaterials flexible packaging

Making your package from a single polymer is an important step toward Europe’s circular economy. Jan ‘t Hart and Nataliya Malhanova are sharing their views and insights on how the right label can help

solve the recycling challenge.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

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