Coming Clean: Sustainable labels for bold food brands

Introducing the new Avery Dennison inspiration envelope of eco-designed labels for food and drink.


Interested in exploring the possibilities of sustainable labels? Visit M_use, Avery Dennison’s designer community platform, to learn more and request your complimentary inspiration envelope.

Avery Dennison, the global leader in materials science and manufacturing, has released the new inspiration envelope, “Coming Clean: Sustainable solutions for bold food brands”. This sample set includes six showcase label solutions for the food and drink industry that have been produced with environmentally sustainable materials and technology.


Shoppers are demanding more transparency about the products they choose to eat and drink. Increasingly, consumers are seeking information around food production, such as nutritional information, sourcing practices, and the overall environmental impact of the brand behind the products. The rise of the eco-conscious customer is driving change and innovation across the entire supply chain, including product packaging. 

The label of a product is a key channel of customer communication. A clear list of ingredients, a design flourish that highlights sustainable practices, instructions for recycling, a choice of material that enables recycling - the right label solution can showcase a brand’s values and make it stand out on the shelf. 

Avery Dennison’s commitment to sustainability has led to the development of paper, adhesives, and inks that provide brands with eco-designed solutions with high quality performance. Companies are leveraging Avery Dennison’s growing portfolio of environmental labels to switch to sustainable practices without compromising on material look, feel, or printing capabilities. 

Brands, designers, and others interested in eco-design packaging are invited to see sustainable materials in use with a complimentary set of samples featured in our new inspiration envelope,  Coming Clean: Sustainable solutions for bold food brands

Inside the envelope are six showcase examples of Avery Dennison’s sustainable portfolio, including labels made from citrus pulp, recycled PET, post-consumer waste, and PVDC-free plastic. Each example has been designed around a fictional brand with a real-life healthy food solution, showcasing both the materials’ quality and its ability to enhance product design and elevate brand story. 

Sustainable Design Delivered to Your Door

We believe the best way to explore labelling solutions is hands-on, which is why we are offering a complimentary inspiration envelope for brands, designers, and manufactures interested in eco-designed labels.  

The envelope provides an opportunity for those curious in expanding their eco-design practices to better understand the look, feel, print quality, and adhesion of sustainable solutions with six examples you can peel and adhere to the packaging of your choice. Featured sustainable materials include CleanFlake™, rCrush, rMC, rPE, NatureFlex, and PVDC-free Oxygen Barrier Reclosure.

Available for Order on M_use 

The “Coming Clean” sample envelope is designed to inspire the use of materials that are cohesive with brand values. Such as labelling a lemon-based drink with paper made from citrus pulp, using the highly recyclable CleanFlake™ technology for organic foods, or delivering a product for the personal wellness market in compostable packaging. The samples explore various ways that material can add to the overall design of a product to communicate a brand’s commitment to clean food solutions. 

As a design-focused sample set, the ‘Coming Clean’ inspiration envelope has been launched on M_use, Avery Dennison’s designer community platform focused on “Materials in Use”. M_use is a space to showcase creative label solutions and the materials and designers behind them. By connecting designers and brands pushing the envelope, M_use is driving more intuitive and relevant solutions in the food, drink, wine and spirits industries. 



About Avery Dennison

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