• Food and beverage packaging that always plays by the rules


Take advantage of our extensive material range to create packaging that tells your brand story and stands out on the shelf. As innovators in labeling, we’re used to doing what’s never been done, so we’ll work with you to create new materials — no matter your design challenge.



We’re with you all the way

Our Complete Compliance Service is designed to help you identify the right materials for any application and learn more about regulatory requirements.

Be sure of what’s inside

Everything that goes into making your food or beverage label is just as important as what you print on the front so we provide clear, accurate and up to date information on the materials and chemicals used.

Don’t let compliance slow you down

Generate your own compliance statements within minutes and take advantage of customized compliance certificates, available 24/7 on our website.

Do you have questions about compliance packaging and what it means for you? Please contact your Avery Dennison sales representative for more information.



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