• Eco-friendly food labels for the world around you

Your consumers prioritise packaging options that are good for the planet. Match the growing demand with solutions that are compostable, recyclable and reusable. Our portfolio is designed to add extra shelf-life to foods, reduce the environmental footprint of its packaging and minimise food waste throughout the shipping and distribution process.



Always the best option

Ditch single-use packaging and choose from the broadest range of sustainable paper and film labels — including materials that are recycled, enable recycling or are made from organic waste.

Fresher for longer

Take advantage of our research and development into improved packaging barrier technology.

Improve recyclability

Create monomaterial packaging that helps to tackle the recycling challenge, without compromising on functionality or quality.

Reduce food waste

Use our RFID inlays to create, implement and maintain systems that decrease the amount of food you waste during processing, distribution and retail.

Sustainable today

We’ve pioneered a wide range of ready-to-go labelling solutions that improve recyclability, enable packaging reuse, and reduce

consumption of natural resources.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

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