• AD RDX™ for Paper & Film Labels

    Unleash the power of less

Today, there’s increasing demand for labeling solutions across multiple applications and industries. In order to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of this growing need, we harnessed innovation to develop the AD RDX™ portfolio — our sustainable product range for paper and film that creates less waste and uses less materials, resources, transport and storage than conventional products.


With AD RDX™, less is more

AD RDX’s cutting-edge technology offers incredibly high-performing paper and film products that significantly reduce the usage of natural resources — that means less oil, water, trees, energy and CO2 emissions.


The broadest sustainable range with the highest service

Offering both paper and film products, AD RDX provides the widest range of sustainable face materials on the market. Additionally, our streamlined production platform ensures that we can offer our highest service levels and standards.

Reducing the carbon footprint for a positive impact

We use an environmental impact tool to calculate CO2 and water savings made using AD RDX products. In this way, we provide guidance to our customers and partners to help them understand the positive impact of their choices.

Solutions for both paper and film

Our sustainable AD RDX Paper & Film solutions include:

  • Semi-gloss prime paper labels

  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer variable information labels

  • Squeezable and conformable films

  • Rigid filmic labels

For a wide range of applications and industries:

Food & Beverage / Home & Personal Care / Transport & Logistics / Retail & Office / Pharmaceutical


Less really is more

Cut emissions and shrink your carbon footprint with AD RDX, a portfolio of solutions made with less water, energy and other natural resources.

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The Sustainable ADvantage
AD RDX™ is a part of our flagship products and solutions portfolio Sustainable ADvantage, which helps to set the benchmark for innovation, sustainability and regeneration across the entire supply chain.