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    Where print quality and sustainability meet

The labels in our rRange portfolio combine excellent print quality with impeccable eco-credentials. Made with specially selected materials from post-consumer waste streams – and even agricultural byproducts – this collection puts sustainability targets within reach.



Made from recycled materials, suited to your needs

Whether you’re looking for a label for a bottle of biodynamic merlot, something to complement a tube of moisturizer or a solution that’s approved for food contact, you can find it in our rRange.

rMC: Made from 30% or 100% recycled content, rMC paper facestocks have a striking semi-gloss appearance and offer excellent print quality with digital, conventional and thermal transfer printing.

rDT: The first uncoated direct thermal paper label made with recycled content, rDT is suitable for the transportation, logistics, e-commerce and retail sectors. Ideal for sustainability-focused brands, it has the same appearance, conversion, printability and barcode readability as standard grade alternatives.

rPP: Requiring 99% less fossil fuel materials to manufacture, rPP  is bringing polypropylene labeling closer to circularity. Mechanically recycled rPP offers good printing quality and is similar to standard cavitated film. The properties of chemically recycled rPP – which is approved for food use – are identical to those of standard film.

rPE: Great for curved substrates and squeezable containers, rPE is a smart choice for companies trying to avoid fossil fuel-based products. rPE Top White, for example, is made with 100% recycled content. Products in this line offer good printing quality with digital and conventional inks, and have an authentic look thanks to a less uniform appearance.

Recycled wine labels: Raise a glass to wine labels made with recycled content, post-consumer waste and innovative materials, like the grape skins used in our rCrush range, which offers sturdy texture and workability. Everything in the rNaturel Blanc and rGranit Blanc line is made with 100% recycled content, while our wood-flecked rFleury labels contain at least 30% recycled fibers. When you need something sophisticated, consider the Graduate Collection labels, which feature 50% recycled content and are made in collaboration with sustainable paper supplier Gmund.



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rrange - Avery Dennison

rPP gives waste that would’ve ended up in a landfill or an incinerator a second life

rrange - Avery Dennison

The rGranit Blanc wine label is made with 100% recycled fibers

You’ll never look at waste the same way again when you experience the rRange.

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Go sustainable

We’ve pioneered a range of labeling solutions that improve recyclability,

enable packaging reuse and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

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rrange - Avery Dennison

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rrange - Avery Dennison

rDT - the first recycled direct thermal paper label

A market first, rDT is compatible with a wide range of printers and offers excellent barcode readability.

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rrange - Avery Dennison

AD Circular

Discover our comprehensive program for recycling used paper and filmic label liners in countries across Europe.

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rrange - Avery Dennison

The Graduate Collection

Premium textures for sustainable wine and spirit labels. Introducing a new line of uniquely textured papers from Avery Dennison and Gmund.

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