• NFC labels for consumer engagement and brand protection

Interact with your consumers through your products using short-range, online connectivity that continues your marketing conversation. Use our extensive packaging range to safeguard the integrity of your product range and add confidence to every purchasing decision.



Prove your products are the real deal.

Separate your bottles from parallel market fakes with item-specific smart labels that can’t be emulated by criminals.

Be sure of what’s inside.

Protect your reputation from refilling with intelligent solutions that show if your bottles have been opened before they reach your consumers.

Create digital connections.

Use unique digital triggers to communicate with your consumers on their mobile devices and exceed expectations after the point of purchase.

From grape to bottle.

Discover how our partnership with Everledger combines blockchain and NFC technologies to combat counterfeiting in the wine industry.

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Consumer engagement - Avery Dennison

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Hidden unobtrusively beneath the facestock and embedded with content readable by mobile app, the tag expands the wine’s story from the few lines found on most labels to a deeper, more satisfying dive for wine-lovers thirsty for details and used to getting them at a click.

In collaboration with label printer Eurostampa, the team at Avery Dennison’s Concept Lab was asked to develop a collection of prototypes illustrating the capabilities of intelligent labels and printing techniques for the wine and spirits segment.

Estancia Mendoza, a renowned Argentine winery belonging to the department of Tupungato, and located at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, launched the first wine with augmented reality in the region—a novel and very useful tool for highly creative applications.

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