• Earth-friendly wine labels with extra shelf appeal

Design and create a natural-look wine label that survives the demands of production, aligns with the values of your consumers and visibly showcases your commitment to sustainability. Work with our team of experts to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging and make use of sustainable labels that live up to the quality of the contents inside.



Access an entirely new type of material.

Meet the demand for sustainably with our Marble Base film — made from 80% calcium carbonate, sourced from marble mining waste, and up to 20% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Print on wood-free paper.

Deliver the same whiteness as conventional spirit labels while protecting the environment. Our Cane Fiber paper is made with a minimum of 90% bagasse fiber, sourced from sugar cane waste.

Create a sustainable look and feel.

Add an artisanal quality to any bottle with our exclusive range of rCrush Grape materials — produced from grape waste in the wine making process and post-consumer recycled fiber.

Material spotlight

Apple Touch FSC

rFrozen Pearl

Fasson rFleury Chêne

rFleury Antique

rNaturel Blanc

rGranit Blanc

rCrush Grape

rCrush Barley

rCrush Citrus

Liner & Matrix Recycling

We’re proud to connect converters and brands with our partners around the world who collect and recycle used liner and matrix, usually for the same cost or less as what you’re paying now. Use the interactive map below to reach out to our partners directly, or

contact us to talk about developing a recycling program that meets your needs.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

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