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We spoke with Avery Dennison experts and leaders in the home and personal care space to learn more about the sustainability topics featured in our Small. Yet Significant. guide to navigating sustainable labeling. Discover how these experts in labeling and labeling materials are driving the industry closer to a circular economy through innovative packaging materials, knowledge sharing, EcoDesign, and collaboration.


Hear stories from the industry


Hear from Juliette Guérin, a senior consultant at CIRCPACK, on the importance of sharing knowledge throughout the value chain and how partnerships with companies like Avery Dennison help enable recyclability.

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Hear from Peter Steidle, Packaging Technology Expert at Beiersdorf, and learn how he collaborates internally and externally to develop innovative solutions to help achieve Beiersdorf’s sustainability goals.

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Hear from Krzysztof, Packaging Sustainability Director, and learn how his team identifies breakthrough packaging materials that reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire product life cycle – all with the label in mind.

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Hear from Willemijn Peeters, Founder and CEO of Searious Business, about how her company helps major brands move towards more circular packaging while maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Hear stories from our internal experts


Flor Peña Herron, Avery Dennison’s Sr. Sustainability & Circular Economy Manager EMENA, lifts the lid on the complexities of designing for sustainability and how EcoDesign can help improve overall sustainability outcomes.

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Rob Groen in ‘t Wout, Avery Dennison’s marketing director for paper and film, talks about how greater coordination across the value chain will help brands achieve increasingly ambitious recycling and sustainability targets.

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Avery Dennison’s Director of Marketing Strategy and Sustainability, LPM EMENA Alena Maran believes that labels, small though they may be, are a key strategic tool to drive consumer conversations and deliver on brand sustainability goals.

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Hear from Emilie Bartolini, Avery Dennison's Government Affairs Manager EMENA, about the importance of policy in sustainability efforts and how we are educating key legislative stakeholders on the role of the label with the circular economy.

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Why labels are small yet significant

Labels may be small, but choosing the right type of label is key to reducing material usage, avoiding disruptions in the recycling process and supporting a circular economy. At Avery Dennison, we use innovation to address this challenge to help brands move ever closer toward a future of circularity.

To learn how we can help you make the right sustainable label choice in the HPC sector, check out our Small. Yet Significant. guide.

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