Efficient Pharma Labeling with Digital Printing

New portfolio designed for Inkjet, Dry Toner, and Variable Information printing of pharmaceutical labels.



The pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2020 and 2027, thanks in part to advances in biotechnology, the rise of patient-oriented medicines, and a surge of serialization efforts to track and trace drugs. 

As the industry moves to a wider variety of treatments and a more digital supply chain, many pharma companies are finding they need a labeling solution that allows for more diversity. Digital printers are becoming a popular option to increase flexibility, with their ability to offer both high speed and on-demand printing. 

Avery Dennison’s new portfolio of materials for pharmaceuticals includes a wide range of market-leading facestocks designed for digital printing techniques with proven, compliant pharmaceutical adhesives. With solutions for UV Inkjet, Water-based Inkjet, Dry Toner, thermal transfer, and direct transfer printing, packaging engineers no longer need to compromise between the benefits of digital printing and adhesive performance. 

Flexible Serialization

Industry regulations are pushing towards supply chain transparency through the use of serialization. From a regulatory perspective, using unique identifiers can help address counterfeiting (US, Drug Supply Chain Security Act, 2013) as well as drug shortages (EU - A pharmaceutical strategy for Europe, 2020). 

From a business perspective, serialization and digitization can create a more efficient supply chain, give a better snapshot of how their products perform in different markets, and reduce the risk of complicated recalls. 

However, these benefits do bring a layer of complexity to the production process. As a result, many manufacturers are using in-line printing units to allow for late stage serialization of pre-printed labels. Digital printers are well suited for this, as they are able to print unique numbers and are relatively small in size. 



Efficient pharma labelling


Streamlined Variable Information 

Companies distributing in different regions have an additional need for a solution that can simplify variable information (VI) printing. This is especially true in the EU, where companies need to cater to multiple languages and the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requirement that safety features and information be included on the packaging of prescription drugs sold in the EU. 

Companies are in need of a solution that not only enables VI printing but can do it quickly. A 2020 survey of pharma manufacturers showed that 75% believed a more automated industry would lead to improved productivity, quality, and efficiency - with a quarter pointing to supply chain management as the space that could benefit the most from digital automation. 

Digital printing is able to provide variable printing at high speed. For example, materials from Avery Dennison’s portfolio allow manufactures to easily print labels in multiple languages by simply changing the design and continuing to print on the same roll. 

Convenient Solutions for Diverse Applications 

The pharmaceutical landscape is full of situations that demand a just-in-time labeling solution. Small batch printing for personalized medicines, desktop printed labels for clinical trials and sample processing that are applied by hand, and mobile printing solutions for pop-up testing sites

Digital printing technologies are making these unique applications more accessible, and allowing on-demand printing to become an important tool across the industry. Avery Dennison offers labeling solutions that let pharma companies fully leverage on-demand printing with the security that critical information will hold up under harsh temperature and environmental conditions. 

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The new Pharmaceuticals Portfolio is available now. For detailed information on digital printing solutions, as well as other key industry applications, have a look at the product guide for Label Materials for Ethical and OTC Pharmaceuticals






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