• We work everyday to deliver safe, compliant and reliable labelling materials.

    Patient Safety

With life saving medicines and healthcare services comes packaging and labelling that must be safe for medicines, ensure supply availability, and maintain uninterrupted production on packaging lines. To ensure the safety and reliability of our products we implemented a variety of procedures. Advanced product change notification, change management, and production quality programs designed specifically to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.



Our promise is to deliver labelling materials that are safe and proven, and provide reliable and transparent service. Benoit Jourde, Business Development Manager Healthcare & Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison

Change management

Whenever a change is made in a pharmaceutical product, its impact on performance is assessed, a complete change management documentation file is created, and the results are communicated to pharmaceutical manufacturers and third parties.

Quality standards

Our pharmaceutical labelling products are produced under strict quality standards with trained staff in our dedicated plants. 

Business continuity

For critical applications, we continuously work on a business continuity plan to ensure that we can deliver our products in case of unexpected events. 

Patient safety related

Pharmaceutical packaging solutions

As a global leader in medical labelling, we have developed a pharmaceutical portfolio designed to meet the demands of the industry.

Prefilled syringes

Proper labelling gives prefilled syringes a greater shot at success. Choosing the right materials is key for compliance, safety, efficient production, and more.

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