Avery Dennison’s new ThermaVIP+™ solution is ready for the future of vaccine and biologic transportation

Recently developed encapsulated vacuum insulation panels are a cost-effective solution for temperature-controlled pharma packaging.

As the world is closely watching the race for a Covid-19 vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry is taking on the largest and most consequential logistics challenge of our generation. Delivering a vaccine to 7.5 Billion people, while facing a dramatically reduced aircraft network and the need to rapidly scale temperature controlled transport, will be a monumental effort. 

Cold chain logistics were already critical in the pharmaceutical industry, with a quarter of global biopharma sales requiring cold storage and shipping in 2018, but the Covid-19 vaccines have put a global spotlight on temperature controlled transport. The Moderna vaccine requires shipping and long-term storage conditions of -20°C and the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine requires an even lower temperature of -75°C. Being watershed developments in mRNA (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna) and adenovirus vector (Oxford) therapeutics, these vaccines have opened the door for a revolution in vaccine production - and the way we transport it. 

New solutions for temperature controlled packaging will play a crucial role in the future of vaccine and biologics transport. Avery Dennison’s recently developed ThermaVIP+™, encapsulated vacuum insulation panels, offers a cost-effective solution that tackles key challenges in cold chain packaging: temperature management, increasing shipment payloads, and reducing waste. 


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High-Performance Temperature Control 


ThermaVIP+™ panels have an outer Polyurethane encapsulation layer that makes them rigid and robust, offering much higher mechanical resilience than traditional vacuum insulationation panels (VIPs) and ensuring optimal performance through the rigors of transit, storage, and reassembly. They deliver thermal performance up to seven times more effective than traditional insulation solutions.

Temperature controlled packaging with ThermaVIP+™ is compliant to ISTA 7D, is validated for internal temperatures of 15 to 20°C, 2 to 8°C, and -25 to -15°C and can extend transit time periods, in certain situations, for more than 120 hours. 


Maximizing Payload 


For efficient distribution, packing needs to accommodate as many doses as possible per shipping. The slim and compact design of ThermaVIP+™ drastically reduces external shipping volume and provides up to a seven times greater payload compared to the popular insulation solution, polystyrene and polyurethane. 


ThermaVIP+™ panels are customizable, with diverse panel size and thickness for tailored solutions and efficient logistics. The robust encapsulation layer also gives ThermaVIP+™ panels a modular construction that makes them easy to assemble and store, creating more efficiency in the operation.


Minimizing Waste 


Global supply chains require a large amount of resources, and to be able to support a growing need for temperature controlled transport (TCP), packaging material will need to support a circular economy that keeps critical materials in the supply chain. 

ThermaVIP+™ panels are designed for multi-use. The sturdy encapsulation layer makes them reusable, re-shippable TCP for closed-loop and open-loop shipping systems. Easy to disassemble and stack, ThermaVIP+™ panels make it not only possible, but convenient, to create a circular supply chain.  


A Cost-Effective Solution for a Sustainable Cold Chain  


Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are the undisputed top-of-the-line insulation solution for temperature controlled packaging. ThermaVIP+™ brings additional durability, space saving, and reusability that introduces an extremely cost efficient solution, compared to not only other VIPs but to all existing passive solutions. By optimizing temperature controlled packaging, ThermaVIP+™ can help companies cut shipping costs by up to 50%. 

To see how much your company could save through optimizing your shipping volume to payload ratio, check out the interactive ThermaVIP+™ Shipping Cost Saving Calculator for Temperature Controlled Packaging. 

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