Get to know FDA 175.105


Part of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations that outline the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for food safety, FDA 175.105 provides the requirements for adhesives that will be in contact with dry food or separated by a functional barrier for other food types. Adhesives used in compliance with FDA 175.105 are often called “indirect food contact,” (which is not a regulatory term) because they are not directly in contact with the food.

Where it applies

FDA 175.105 applies throughout the United States.

FDA - Avery Dennison


  • Preventing unapproved substances from making contact with food 

  • Ensuring adhesives are used in a safe manner in food applications

  • Keeping food safe for consumption 


  • Defining which substances may be used in adhesive formulations intended for holding, packaging or transporting food

  • Defining the conditions approved substances may be used under for holding, packaging and transporting food

What this means for you

If you work in the food or food packaging industry, you may need to ensure your products align with the standards set out in FDA 175.105 or other FDA requirements in order to sell or import items in the United States.

FDA - Avery Dennison

How we can help

Our team of experts can confirm which of our products comply with FDA 175.105, making it easier to ensure you are following all relevant rules and regulations.