Get to know the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

Chemicals play an essential role in our lives and are used in many industries, including healthcare, housing and energy. Without them, we couldn’t enjoy the modern comforts and innovations we rely on.

However, some chemicals have hazardous properties which can affect our health and environment in some uses. Production of chemicals is expected to double by 2030 and their use will increase as well, particularly when it comes to consumer products.

To promote safer uses of chemicals, the European Commission published a new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability in October 2020 in support of its Zero Pollution Action Plan, which is part of the European Green Deal.

Where it applies

The Chemical Strategy for Sustainability will applies across the European Union.

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  • To ensure better protection of people and the environment

  • To support the innovation of safe and sustainable chemicals, including alternatives to harmful products

  • To make it easier to trade safe chemicals across the EU


  • The most harmful chemicals in consumer products will be banned from all but essential use

  •  When assessing the risk of chemicals, the cocktail effect – what happens when they are mixed – will have to be accounted for

  • The use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) will be phased out, unless they are essential

  •  Investment and innovative capacity will be increased to support the production and use of chemicals that are sustainable and safe throughout their life cycle

  • A simpler “one substance, one assessment” process will be established for the risk and hazard assessment of chemicals

  • The EU will promote high standards for chemicals internationally and will refrain from exporting substances it has banned

What this means for you

Some chemicals may have to be removed from your products, or you might have to find alternatives, like a label made from alternative substances. Determining what’s safe to use might become easier though, and hopefully, the development of new chemicals will benefit many industries – including yours.

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How we can help

Avery Dennison is continually developing advanced and robust approaches to managing the risks related to chemicals of concern, as well as more sustainable solutions. Our team of compliance experts can help you understand the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability and can assist you in finding solutions that are approved under this legislation.