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CleanFlake™ Labels

A Solution for PET Recycling

The CleanFlake™ label solution facilitates PET recycling. It  enables clean separation of the label’s facestock and adhesive from PET packaging, resulting in pure PET flakes that can be recycled into food-grade rPET.

Recycled PET (rPET) is a valuable and sustainable material, but the challenge lies in eliminating contamination from the recycling stream. Labels can diminish the value of recycled PET (leading to downcycling) if they do not separate completely from the package during the recycling process. Avery Dennison has engineered breakthrough materials that make it easier to recycle PET packaging - and increase yields of higher-value recycled material - while maintaining all-important shelf appeal.

Our CleanFlake™ Portfolio features a water-based adhesive, SR3011. The adhesive adheres to the PET bottle until the very end of its lifecycle, when the cohesive bond is broken at the recycler in the sink/float process. CleanFlake meets the design guidelines from the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and from Petcore, which place specific emphasis on raising the output of rPET. Furthermore, CleanFlake has been granted approval for use in the deposit-and-return system for one-way plastic bottles in the Nordics (Returpack).

Key Features

  • Plug & Play solution - compatible with the existing value chain
  • Allows PET recycling into rPET, preserving a valuable raw material
  • Enables design freedom for self-adhesive labels
  • Available with PP Clear (‘no label’ look) and PP White
  • Offered with rPET23 liner made partially from post consumer waste (PCW)

CleanFlake™ Product Overview

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