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  • CleanFlake™ technology

    Make PET packaging more recyclable.

On a planet awash in plastic waste, and with regulators responding accordingly, every recycled package counts. But label contamination prevents proper recycling of hundreds of millions of food-grade PET packages every year, resulting in downcycling or no recycling at all. Avery Dennison CleanFlake™ technology ensures that labels and adhesive separate from PET every time, increasing the yields of pure PET flakes.



Destination known

When consumers recycle a plastic bottle, they want to know it won’t end up in a landfill. PET packaging labeled with CleanFlake™ technology lets brands tell a better recycling story and walk the talk by significantly increasing the likelihood that bottles will be properly recycled.


Parting company, cleanly

We designed CleanFlake™ technology with a switchable adhesive that sticks firmly during the package’s use but “turns off” in the hot caustic bath that’s part of the recycling process. As a result, the label material separates from the PET flakes and floats cleanly to the surface, leaving no label and adhesive residue in the PET stream. The PET flakes can then be processed into food-grade recycled PET, contributing to a global supply that is currently lagging behind demand.


Recycler and end-use approved

Our CleanFlake™ products have all the appeal of standard filmic labels, while meeting design guidelines from the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and Petcore, which emphasize raising the output of rPET. CleanFlake™ products have passed the Association of Plastics Recyclers’ most stringent tests, and are compatible with existing requirements throughout the recycling value chain. They have passed tests in the end-user value-chain as well, and are proven to stick when they need to.


Available with recycled liner

Our CleanFlake™ products can be ordered with our rPET23 liner, which is partially made from post-consumer PET plastic waste. 


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CleanFlake is the first complete solution to address plastics recycling.