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Finally, there’s one label material that delivers uncompromised performance as well as recyclability for rigid packaging — AD CleanFlake Technology. We designed our standard S7000 range to deliver excellent printability, clarity and application performance on all types of packaging. Then we added our next-generation AD CleanFlake™ Adhesive Technology, which is specially engineered to support the recycling of PET and HDPE packaging, making sustainability an easy choice.



Performance first

Convertibility, adhesion, and clarity—it’s all here, for applications on PET, HDPE, PP and glass. AD CleanFlake offers best-in-class print quality and the eye-catching, brand-reinforcing shelf appeal that you expect from Avery Dennison materials, with no adhesive bleeding or water whitening. It’s the perfect material for labeling food, beverages, home-and-personal care products, and more.

Sustainability simplified

With AD CleanFlake, there’s no need to stock a separate label for recyclable packages. AD CleanFlake enables the recycling of PET and HDPE packaging to help brands meet sustainability targets, comply with regulations, and increase the availability of recycled plastic. Recognized by EPBP, APR, and RecyClass, AD CleanFlake is part of our Sustainable ADvantage portfolio, the industry benchmark for innovation, sustainability and regenerative design.

How AD CleanFlake enables plastic recycling

AD CleanFlake Adhesive Technology is designed to help both PET and HDPE packaging complete the recycling process. During PET recycling, the adhesive deactivates to allow both label and adhesive to separate cleanly, leaving the plastic free of contamination. During coloured HDPE recycling, the label stays attached, but does not compromise the resulting plastic pellets.

For converters, the simplicity of a single solution

Stocking AD CleanFlake for all your rigid packaging applications reduces cost, complexity and lead times, while also reducing the volume of material you have to transport and store.

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