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You choose PET packaging in part because of its recyclability. And the expectation of recycling is why consumers make the effort to toss PET containers into the correct bin. But to be recycled, a PET package must first clear hurdles in the recycling process. That means having a label that won’t get in the way of sorting and processing.



CleanFlake™: label materials engineered for PET recycling

CleanFlake™ materials are designed to ensure your PET packages can successfully complete the recycling process so that you can fulfill the sustainability potential of PET and claim with confidence that your packaging is recyclable. By using CleanFlake™ materials, you can ensure your labels are designed using the right size or thickness for easy recognition by sorting equipment. And CleanFlake™ Adhesive Technology ensures that both the label and adhesive cleanly remove from the package during recycling, so that more of your PET packaging becomes the rPET used in new packaging, and less is downcycled or sent to incinerators.

Performance without compromise

On press, on the printing line and on the shelf, CleanFlake™ materials perform just like any self-adhesive label. They provide excellent print quality, thanks to an upgraded, best-in-class topcoat. They’re designed for flawless application on high-speed labeling machines. And they offer the same attractive, “no label” shelf appeal as our other high-clarity adhesives, making them suitable for a wide range of product segments, including food and beverage, home and personal care, and beauty.

New life for more PET packages

Products in our CleanFlake™ portfolio were originally designed for PET plastic bottles. Now, thanks to our new SR3011N adhesive, CleanFlake™ materials work with many kinds of packaging for a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, home and personal care, and beauty. CleanFlake™ label constructions help improve recyclability for many kinds of PET containers, such as jars, clamshells and trays.

Food compliant and recycler approved

CleanFlake™ materials comply with EU directives governing direct contact with both dry and fatty food. CleanFlake™ materials are certified by Institute Cyclos-HTP for PET recycling and comply with Petcore guidelines for tray recycling. They are compatible with requirements throughout the recycling value chain and pending EPBP endorsement.

Back up your commitment with a recycled liner

CleanFlake™ label constructions come standard with our rPET23 liner, made in part from post-consumer PET plastic waste. When you’re done with the liner, you can recycle it through AD Circular.

More recycled PET and a stronger sustainability story

By using CleanFlake™ materials, you can better support the circularity of plastics. And you can add to your sustainability credentials by giving your PET packages a greater chance of making it through the recycling process.




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