• Sustainable beverage labels for brands that promise positive change

As the European Union continues to set ambitious targets on recycling targets, such as stricter Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, it’s now more important than ever to incorporate eco-design and sustainable solutions into your beverage labeling operations. Make a positive change on the environment and your business with packaging innovations that reduce your carbon footprint and enable full recyclability.



Reuse and refill

Our CleanGlass™ technology enables labels to easily detach from glass packaging, giving beer and beverage bottles a second life.

Less is more

Sustainable product ranges like our AD RDX™ portfolio use fewer materials and creates less waste without compromising quality.

Increase recyclability

Prevent PET bottles from being downcycled or sent to landfills with innovative solutions like CleanFlake™ that advance the circular economy - not contaminate it.

Sustainable today

We’ve pioneered a wide range of ready-to-go labelling solutions that improve recyclability, enable packaging reuse, and reduce consumption of natural


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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

Make PET packaging more recyclable

Use our revolutionary CleanFlake™ technology to tell a better recycling story and make it easier to ensure that PET containers will be properly recycled.

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