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Reduce Materials

Avery Dennison is committed to making our products more sustainable, and to achieving our 2025 sustainability goals. One of the principles behind our ClearIntent™ Portfolio is to reduce materials in our products whilst also ensuring that they perform as well, if not better, than their predecessors. In such cases, less is more.

ThinkThin™ Portfolio
ThinkThin™ is a portfolio offering label constructions that are up to 50 per cent thinner than comparable constructions, but which perform well across many different applications. ThinkThin™ products have a lower carbon footprint compared with conventional label materials. Other benefits include reductions in both storage and transport, since more labels fit on a roll.

Our life cycle assessment (LCA)-based tool - Greenprint™
Greenprint™ is an LCA-based tool developed by Avery Dennison designed to accelerate customer collaboration on sustainable products and solutions. It reveals a product’s environmental impact across six categories, from material extraction, to processing by Avery Dennison, through to end of life. Avery Dennison™ Greenprint™ also provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with sustainability facts that consumers can easily understand. A Greenprint assessment can help you and your customers make more informed decisions.

ThinkThin™ Films


ThinkThin - thin label construction

ClearIntent™ Standards