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Responsibly Source

Avery Dennison gives you more responsible paper sourcing choices than anyone else in the industry.

Responsible sourcing ensures the long-term availability of raw materials to manufacture the products that label companies provide their customers. Our annual spend on materials represents a significant investment in the pressure-sensitive supply chain. It is important that this investment supports and encourages responsible behavior to eliminate negative environmental impacts and secure availability of materials continually in the future. Sustainable sourcing applies to nearly any product the label industry uses – from paper products and plastics to adhesives and films.

As an Forest Stewardship Council® chain-of-custody certified company, Avery Dennison (Licence Code: FSC-C004451)
seeks to promote environmentally friendly packaging and materials as well as socially beneficial and economically prosperous forest management.

Reflecting our commitment to innovations that contribute to the environmental health of our planet, our collection of FSC®-certified products are designed to meet the demand of converters and brand owners seeking more sustainable labeling solutions. Compared to non-certified alternatives, these products are price-neutral to encourage use of sustainable materials.

FSC®-Certified and Responsibly Sourced Materials

Avery Dennison’s portfolio of more than 3.000 FSC®-certified packaging and labelling solutions perform at our usual high standards. They are also price-neutral to like comparisons—removing price as a barrier to entry in a range of applications including food, wine, spirits and dairy.

FSC® Certified Materials

FSC® EU Certificate valid until August 2022


Georg Mueller-Hoff, vice president marketing LPM-EU declares Avery Dennison's 2025 sustainability goals.

Case Study

The accelerating rise of FSC® -certified materials


Avery Dennison Sustainability Report

Avery Dennison FSC® Certificate 2017

ISO 9001 Certificate