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To help promote greater recycling and re-use of packaging, we’ve pioneered label solutions that contain recycled content and facilitate the recycling or reuse of the packaging they’re attached to

Facestocks and liner made with recycled content
We are always exploring innovative ways to use recycled content—from post-consumer waste as well as from sources you might not expect.

MC FSC® Recycled is a paper facestock made of 100 percent recycled post-consumer waste that doesn’t compromise the whiteness, brightness or opacity found in conventional facestock. See an infographic about all of our recycled-paper facstocks or download a product overview.

MarbleBase is a paper-like, tear-resistant and waterproof facestock, 80 percent of which is composed of calcium carbonate derived from marble-mining waste. The remaining 20 percent comes from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Download a product overview.

And just introduced in 2018: rPET23 , the first liner in Europe made with recycled PET. Read the factsheet.

Solutions that support recycling
Labels can diminish the value of recycled PET and glass if they do not separate from the package during the recycling process. We’ve engineered breakthrough materials that make it easier to recycle both plastic and glass packaging and increase yields of higher-value recycled material.

Our CleanFlake™ SR3011 adhesive sticks tight to PET packaging until it enters the recycling “bath.” There, the CleanFlake solution allows for clean separation of facestock and adhesive from PET packaging, resulting in pure PET flakes that can be recycled into food-grade rPET. Download an overview of Cleanflake.

The glass recycling process requires a different solution, so we designed our Glass Recycling GRX1 adhesive to facilitate clean separation of labels from glass packaging. GRX1 significantly reduces contamination from label material and improves the quality of recycled glass. Download the product overview.

Solutions for packaging re-use
Avery Dennison Wash-Off™ label materials support re-use of returnable packaging by facilitating clean removal of label material during the washing process. Wash-Off™ facestock contains two film layers that expand at different rates in a hot washer, causing the label to curl for easy removal. Download the product overview.

Our MultiCycle™ label solution lets you get more life from your returnable bottles by enabling them to look as good as the day they were labeled for 30-plus lifecycles. MultiCycle™ combines the durability of ACL direct-print labeling with the premium look and performance of self-adhesive technology—at a cost below that of conventional cut-and-stack labels. Download the product overview.

Recycle your label waste
Did you know liner and matrix waste is recyclable? Avery Dennison is building a global network of recyclers who’ll help you recycle your label waste for about what you’re paying to dispose of it now. Find a recycler near you.

Recycled Paper

Glass Recycling





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