Improving the recyclability of food packaging

Avery Dennison, in partnership with Jindal Films, is launching a PVDC-free OXYB (oxygen barrier) reclosure label. The first product of its kind for food applications, it can improve recyclability and minimize waste, marking an important step towards a circular economy.

The product development process benefitted from Jindal Films’ extensive knowledge of packaging barrier materials and provided a welcome opportunity for collaboration. According to Denis Rousseau, the company’s segment manager for labels, "Our team was happy to work closely with Avery Dennison on this project, which provided a great opportunity to use our skills. We really enjoyed using our know-how to perfect and launch this label grade with the goal of meeting market demands for sustainable packaging."

PVDC free oxygen barrier labels

The new PVDC-free labels preserve freshness and flavor

PVDC-free oxygen barrier packaging

Open-and-close packaging is popular with customers who want their food to last longer. Often, it’s made with clear films containing PVDC, which serves as an excellent oxygen barrier. However, it also makes packaging difficult to recycle, leading Avery Dennison to develop a solution that offers the best of both worlds. 

Our new PVDC-free labels minimize oxygen exposure and prolong the lifespan of packaged foods. At the same time, they make recycling easier and reduce plastic packaging in landfills.

Additionally, this new food labeling product will help us stay current with a changing industry. According to a report from the Ellen Arthur Foundation, roughly 60% of retailers, brands and packaging producers have eliminated – or plan to remove – PVDC materials from their portfolios by 2025.

Extending the shelf life of popular foods

Despite the trend of removing PVDC from food packaging barriers, the demand for innovative solutions to preserve freshness isn’t going away. Oxygen exposure is the biggest challenge for extending shelf life, as it can cause discoloration and encourage bacteria growth that leads to rancidity.

Standard polypropylene labels have poor oxygen barrier properties. However, our PVDC-free OXYB reclosure label excels at stopping air from entering packaging (oxygen transmission rate (OTR) = 8 cc/m2/24 hours at 23°C, 0% RH (ASTM F1927)), significantly prolonging freshness. 

For high humidity food products, we recommend performing a shelf life analysis to ensure that the packaging barrier meets your needs.

Since the new label construction (which includes the face and adhesive) is approved for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foods, everything from basil to ham will stay tasty for longer.


PVDC free oxygen barrier labels

The labels are suitable for many foods, including herbs like mint

Food labeling that preserves brand integrity

The new reclosure label offers other benefits as well. Since it can be easily opened and securely closed, the need to repackage food is eliminated, protecting brand identity. According to Nataliya Malhanova, Avery Dennison’s labels and packaging materials marketing manager, it also boosts shelf appeal. "Since the label is transparent, people can see the food they’re buying while brands can create premium packaging designs,” she says. “Consumers will love the way the label keeps things tasting great and how it supports food packaging recycling, bringing us a step closer to circularity."

Functional, convenient and recyclable

Our reclosure labels portfolio offers a winning combination of functionality and convenience across home and personal care, in addition to food. When used for household and cosmetic wipes, the adhesives on these labels retain their functionality even when exposed to scents, oils and chemicals.

Compared to solid boxes and flexible packaging with hard plastic lids, they also reduce plastic use while preserving product quality. Combining monomaterial flexible packaging with reclosure labels boosts recyclability, too.





Find the label that’s right for you

If you’re interested in learning how the PVDC-free OXYB reclosure label (BR584 - PP50 TOP CLEAR OXYB PF -R5052-BG40WH FSC) can work for your brand or help your customers, we’re ready to assist. One of our technical specialists can explain everything you need to know and help you choose the food labeling product best suited to your needs. Please get in touch today.



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PVDC free oxygen barrier labels