• Sustainable labels for a circular economy

Reduce your environmental impact with labels made from sustainable materials that match your aspirations and meet your customers’ growing demands. Try something made from recycled content for your cosmetics line or reduce waste and promote sustainable retailing with our ultra-thin options. We also have labels made with responsibly sourced materials that help with CO2 reduction and others that enable recycling, so your buyers can be sure their purchase enjoys a second life.



Use recycled content

Using bioplastic and labels made with up to 100% recycled content can help you move closer to circularity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving resources like water and energy.

Improve recyclability

Enable the recycling of rigid plastic and glass containers with labels that are easily removed in bottle washers and monomaterial packaging that can be turned into something new.

Use only what is necessary

Re-think packaging for vegan cosmetics, wet wipes and other products by using lighter, stronger and better materials that have a lower environmental impact, such as our ultra-thin film and paper label solutions.

Sustainable is possible

We’ve developed a wide range of ready-to-go labeling solutions that improve recyclability, enable packaging reuse and reduce the

consumption of natural resources.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging

Make PET packaging more recyclable

Use our revolutionary CleanFlake™ technology to tell a better recycling story and make it easier

to ensure that PET containers will be properly recycled.

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Sustainability - Labels & Packaging



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