• Intelligent labels powered by digital ID technologies

For a seamless shopping experience that brings customers closer to your brand, enter the world of digital ID technologies. By interacting directly with your products, shoppers can find information about sustainability and ethical sourcing while embarking on a brand experience that keeps them coming back for more. High-tech tags equipped with UHF RFID inlays also improve supply chain integrity and visibility, reduce shrinkage and help with loss prevention.



Connect with content

Directly influence purchasing decisions with packaging solutions centered on RFID, NFC and holographic labels that are perfect for customer engagement at the point of sale.

Create seamless shopping experiences

Keep up with customer demand — online and in-store — and provide faster checkout times and convenient access to product information.

Protect your assets

With the end-to-end traceability provided by digital ID technologies, including RFID, you can track every item across your entire supply chain, increase transparency, reduce counterfeiting and strengthen brand loyalty to boost sales.



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