Quick Reference Guide

What you need to get started:

  • The Sales Order number and line item number.
  • The amount of credit requested (or estimated amount).
  • The amount of material involved (if applicable).
  • The material roll ID's (if applicable).

Where to find the Sales Order and line item number:

You will find the Sales Order and line item number on the Fasson invoice, purchase order acknowledgement, and the Fasson Roll Tag (as shown below).

Fasson Roll Tag:

How to file a complaint online:

  1. From the "START" page, verify the "Submitted By" name and change if necessary.
  2. Enter your internal complaint tracking number in the "Your Claim Ref #" field (if applicable).
  3. Enter the Sales Order number and select the line item number from the drop-down that matches your complaint.
  4. Select a "Symptom" from the drop-down that most closely represents the problem you are experiencing.
  5. Click on "Next" to proceed.
  6. Verify information in this screen matches your request: PO#, Product # & Description. NOTE: a Sampling requirement will be displayed if this is a material quality complaint.
  7. Enter the amount of credit requested, or estimate if you are note sure of the exact amount.
  8. Enter comments to explain the nature of the billing or quality defect you have observed.
  9. For material quality defect, enter the number of rolls and their dimensions. Add the individual roll ID numbers if possible (see the Roll Tag above for where to find this).
  10. Click on "Next" to proceed, "Previous" to make a change, or "Clear Form" to start over.
  11. Review screen for accuracy and click on "Submit". If needed, click on "Change" or "Clear Form" to start over.
  12. Click on "Printable Version" to print a copy of the Complaint for your records.If you do not wish to print a copy, click on "Submit Another Complaint".
  13. You are viewing the printed format. Click on the "click to print text". Then click for new complaint to return to the main screen.
  14. For material quality complaints only, gather requested samples and mail with a copy of the complaint to the address printed on the bottom of your form.

What to expect after filing a complaint?

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your complaint.

For simple defects, you may receive our response in the form of a credit memo sent via email or fax to the established contact at your company. (If you wish to be copied and are not the established contact, please indicate that in the comment field of your request). The credit memo will reference your complaint number if you provided one.

You may receive a follow-up call from a Fasson Quality Consultant requesting additional information or unique sampling requirements relative to the defect you have encountered.

For complex material quality complaints, you will be contacted via email, fax or phone with our findings (based on sample evaluation).

Most complaints are resolved within 5 business days. The completeness and accuracy of the information and samples you provide directly affect our ability to respond quickly to your request.

Need Help?

For material quality complaints, call your Fasson Quality Consultant at 1-800-944-8511 (select option 3).
For billing issues, call your Fasson Service Consultant at 1-800-944-8511 (select option 1).