ClearIntent™ Standards

The Avery Dennison ClearIntent™ Portfolio offers meaningful improvements in sustainability over other Avery Dennison products.

For a product to qualify for the Avery Dennison ClearIntent™ Portfolio, at least one of our product components must meet at least one of the three sustainability standards:

  • Responsible Sourcing: a specific amount of the content is verified to come from sustainably sourced materials;

  • Reduction of Materials: offers comparable or superior performance using less materials; or

  • Recycle: a specific amount of the content is recyclable, made of recycled content, or enables recycling.

Avery Dennison applies concrete, measurable criteria to ensure that products meet these standards. This makes it easier for our customers to be assured that they are selecting the best Avery Dennison products to help the environment.

Sustainability Partners

Rainforest Alliance


FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®


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