Supplier decarbonisation questionnaire

Dear Supplier,

Avery Dennison's climate goal is to reduce our Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 70% from our 2015 baseline. Work with our supply chain to reduce our 2018 baseline Scope 3 GHG emissions by 30%, with an ambition of net zero by 2050, which is in line with the Paris agreement and approved by SBTi. 

We are all on the journey to reduce GHG-emissions, and a significant part of our Scope 3 reduction of 30% will need to come from supplier decarbonisation. The first step will be asking you about your targets, what plan you have in place to achieve these targets, and how you will be measuring and reporting your progress. 

For this please have the appropriate person within your organization (sustainability or energy managers) answer the questions below:

Please enter contact details (in case of any followup questions).
In this section we ask you about your emission reduction targets.

Do you have GHG emission reduction targets? 

If you have GHG emission reduction targets then please complete the below

What are your specific reduction targets? (%)

Scope 1 & 2:


Scope 3 mid term:


Scope 3 long term:

What is the baseline year of measurement?

Scope 1 & 2:


Scope 3:


By when do you plan to achieve your specific targets?

Scope 1 & 2:


Scope 3 mid term:


Scope 3 long term:

What methodology have you used to calculate your Scope 3 emissions data? (If you use a tool, it should detail the methodology used to calculate data.)
- Multiple answers possible

 EEIO -$ spend
 Industry average
 Supplier Corporate average
 Supplier Site average
 Supplier Site/Product specific.
 Hybrid model including the above mentioned methodologies
In this section, we ask you to share the high level action plan that will allow you to achieve the GHG reduction targets. (feel free to share links to existing relevant public plans)

How do you plan to achieve these targets?

What key milestones do you have in place with respect to these targets?

What are the current quantifiable results with respect to GHG emissions (compared to your base year)?

Have you sent your emissions data to be checked or verified by a third party? I.e. a consultant, or a group like CDP / EcoVadis. (Not to be confused with your targets).
- Multiple answers possible

In this section, we ask you about products supplied to Avery Dennison:

Do you already have cradle-to-gate carbon footprinting data available for the products Avery Dennison (AD) Purchases from you?


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