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Electrophotography presses allow converters to print images using a liquid or dry toner on a variety of substrates, including paper, film, metal and fabric—all at a very high speed. Benefits include quality print, high throughput, superior color and cost economy.  

Electrophotography has been available for 20 years and still accounts for the largest base of digital printers. Engine improvements and capability advancements in toner-based presses continue to make electrophotography a smart choice among various label converters.

Xeikon 3000 Portfolio
Xeikon 3000 series of digital presses incorporates full rotary printing and environmentally-friendly dry toner, which allows printing on most standard label materials. Our Digital Printing Portfolio for Xeikon features  products that have been qualified for Xeikon 3030, 3050, 3300 and 3500 printers, and are available through our EXACT program  to help capitalize on the  the short run, quick turn capabilities of digital presses.

HP Indigo Portfolio
Our HP Indigo pre-optimized portfolio is the most extensive offering on the market. It delivers a wide range of paper, film and foil solutions, all purpose-built to help you expand into new markets with new digital constructions.

Xeikon Portfolio

HP Indigo Portfolio

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