• Flexible packaging for consumer convenience

Make life easier for your consumers with convenient and functional flexible packaging solutions for wet wipes, liquids, oils and lotions. Open and close them multiple times, and you’ll find that they retain moisture for longer, keeping products in optimal condition. The adhesives we use also stay strong even when exposed to fragrances and other substances, providing a level of performance you can count on.



Flexible packages for wet wipes

With our reclosure labels solutions, you can make beautifully branded packages that keep wet wipes moist and advance sustainability. Created in accordance with monomaterial design guidelines for enhanced recyclability, they are specifically made for wet wipes packaging for the home and personal care sector, including skin, baby and household products.

Changing from hard lids to reclosure labels also reduces the amount of plastic used in your packaging, maximizes shelf space and makes transportation easier.

The right labels keep the “mono” in monomaterial flexible packaging

Making your package from a single polymer is an important step toward Europe’s circular economy. Nataliya Malhanova is sharing her views and insights on how the right label

can help solve the recycling challenge.

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Flexible packaging



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